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Feiert Technology Co., Ltd.

LED high bay lights, high power LED flood lights, LED linear fixtures, LED street lights, LED tunnel lights

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  • Phone: +86-755-86709961
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    Feiert Techonlogical Region, The Fifth Industrial Zone, Citianpu, Gongming Town, Shenzhen, China
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Feiert Technology designs, engineers and manufactures LED high bay lights, LED flood lights, LED street lights and LED tunnel lights. Since 2008 the company has been serving the industrial and outdoor lighting market with distinct specification grade products combine innovative heat-sinking and cutting-edge LED technology in a cost-effective solution to meet the most demanding specification criteria. Based in Shenzhen, Feiert operates an independent, INTERTEK ISO 9000:2008 certified manufacturing facility with an area of 6,000 square meters. An in-house clean area LED packaging line offers the company the unique advantage to fabricate high power LEDs to industry-leading photometric specifications. A fully-equipped assembly line with a high level of automation ensure lower costs, better quality and faster turnaround times.

From initial design concepts to volume manufacturing, Feiert's integrated design and manufacturing capabilities allow for a steady flow of product innovations which keep pace with the latest technology and design directions. The company carries a stylish, efficient and functional line of LED high bay lights that offer an outstanding value for a multitude of applications and mounting heights. The energy-efficient, high-performance highbay and lowbay lighting solutions are supported by Feiert's core capability of thermal management design, optical engineering and system integrations. Feiert's industrial bay lighting products include UFO and linear versions developed for a wide range of application scenarios such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, industrial facilities, exhibition halls, sports complexes, big-box retail stores, cold garage facilities, gymnasiums, and aircraft hangars, etc.

Feiert's high power LED lighting products use the best components from top-tier suppliers, pairing high quality LEDs and state-of-the-art driver technology with the engineering depth of superior temperature management and heat sink design, providing unparalleled system efficiency, control and protection. To qualify for market entry requirements and energy rebate programs, Feiert secures third party safety, performance and efficacy testing and holds UL, DLC, TUV, CE, and RoHS certifications for its flagship products.
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